Outdoor Gear

Welcome to your new favorite place to find fantastic gear for outdoors! The outdoor survival tools and equipment that you can find here is designed to help you on your adventures in the great outdoors and to be reliable in the case of any emergency. If you are looking for top quality at great prices, you can find it here at CU Outdoor Gear. Take your time shopping through individual tools like stainless steel pliers, shovels and portable multi-tools for hunting and fishing. If it’s survival tool kits that you’re looking for, you are going to love the array of multi-function kits here, where you can find tools for hunting and fishing as well as flashlights, knives, ropes and more; these kits will help you to feel confident in any emergency situation at home, on the road or in the wilderness.

Make the most out of every outing with friends and family when you are carrying the tools that you need. The tools and kits that we offer are designed to be small and portable, making them perfect for packing away in your camping or backpacking equipment, or taking along with you in your car wherever your travels take you. While you are shopping with us, do not miss out on the other quality outdoor gear that we offer for camping and hiking, including tents and sleeping bags. Stay cozy in a sleeping bag like the a Gunn Creek 30 sleeping bag and stay same from the elements in a Texsport bivy tent. Shop now!